Foto Mesyuarat Pengarah Antarabangsa Universiti Awam Malaysia

Event: Mesyuarat Pengarah Antarabangsa Universiti Awam Malaysia
Venue: Bilik Mesyuarat Lembaga Universiti, Kampus Antarabangsa, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Date: 9 Oktober 2015


Work in Progress – 3D printing Mini Skybot using Mbot 3D Printer

I’m currently fine-tuning my Mbot 3D printer by printing several simple to complex shapes. As of now, both of my extruder (I have the dual-extruder, MK8) are working as expected.

At the moment, I have this rather coarse MiniSkyBot v2, with the infill value of 30% and layer high of 0.15mm.

I’ll be looking forward to report any issues or some nice findings as I use more and more of the 3D printer. Stay tuned : )



I took a day off from work today. Just a little unwind, after two weeks of quite heavy work-related responsibilities.

Just relaxing at home, filing up the fridge with food, and having fun with my wife and kid.

In an unrelated note, my favourite Type 25 Assault Rifle in Black Ops II has reached Prestige 2. Now I can put my personal emblem on it. Wooot!