Get your life back. Get physical.


If your eyes are always glued to the smartphone screen staring at random articles/status/photos on your Facebook Newsfeed, Twitter and Instagram, that simply means that you need to get your life back.

5 ways to get your life back

  1. Read books. I mean a physical book. Go to library, or get a second-hand book. You’ll feel really fresh and focused.
  2. Exercise. Set a concrete goal. Losing 400 calories is like burning 2 cups of rice, which equivalent to a 30 minutes of stationary bike exercise.
  3. Go out for a short walk. The use of smartphone doesn’t allow our brain to rest. Every microseconds were used to stimulate your brain and that is not good. You need the sub-conscious mind to process all those information through calm activity like a short walk, otherwise your brain will be fried (yeah I was thinking about burn-out actually). The most efficient short walk is when you don’t have any time or target destination.
  4. Meet people and talk to them face to face. Start with a cheesy opening about the whether today. Seriously. Do it. Why? You’d ask. Such opening gives you a glimpse of his/her life experience. That knowledge shall help you to relate each other and you’ll not going to feel lonely. Sure you’ll say that you don’t feel lonely because Facebook connects you more efficiently, but too much of those status/post/articles are able to drive you to depression.
  5. Get a physical hobby. The millenials sometimes responded that their hobby is to surf the internet. Yes but what is the immediate benefits of those information that you get in the internet? Why not use all those information towards doing something physical? Get a physical hobby. Cut something, glue something, sculp something, throw something, clean something. You’ll end up with something nice and great feeling of accomplishment as well.