Post-graduate Thesis & Journal Review Panel

Related Resaerch Field: Ocean Engineering, Ocean Robotics, Mechanical Engineering, Design Engineering

PhD Thesis Chair/Review Panel

2015 (Thesis Chairman) – New Numerical Approach And Longshore Sediment Transport Formula For Predicting A Long Term Shoreline Changes, PhD in Maritime Technology

2015 (Thesis Chairman) -The Development of a New Approach to Determine the Sediment Variability in Spatially and Temporally, PhD in Ocean Engineering

Master’s Thesis Chair/Examiner Panel

2015 (Thesis Chairman) – Potential And Performance Of Rhizophora Apiculata (Mangrove Tannin) As Environmental Friendly Anticorrosive And Antifouling Pigment For Epoxy Paint In Tropical Seawater, Malaysia Terengganu, Master’s in Maritime Technology

2014 (Thesis Examiner) – Optimization of Tow Rope Length and Arrangement Design For Towed Ship, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Master’s in Marine Technology

2014 (Thesis Examiner) –ย Numerical Study on Catamaran Wing in Ground Effect Craft Equipped With Flaps and Vertical Lift Device,ย Master’s in Marine Technology

2012 (Thesis Examiner) – An Experimental Investigation of a Diesel Engine Gaseous Exhaust Emissions Fueled by Palm Oil Biodiesel (POB) and its Blends, Master’s in Maritime Technology

Journal Paper Reviews

2014 – Perception and Navigation for Autonomous Rotorcraft, International Journal of Robotics & Automation
2015 – Systematic Approach for Role Assignment in Mobile Robots Using Leader Follower Approach: Experimental Observations, International Journal of Robotics & Automation

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