Post-graduate Thesis & Journal Review Panel

Related Resaerch Field: Ocean Engineering, Ocean Robotics, Mechanical Engineering, Design Engineering

PhD Thesis Chair/Review Panel

2015 (Thesis Chairman) – New Numerical Approach And Longshore Sediment Transport Formula For Predicting A Long Term Shoreline Changes, PhD in Maritime Technology

2015 (Thesis Chairman) -The Development of a New Approach to Determine the Sediment Variability in Spatially and Temporally, PhD in Ocean Engineering

Master’s Thesis Chair/Examiner Panel

2015 (Thesis Chairman) – Potential And Performance Of Rhizophora Apiculata (Mangrove Tannin) As Environmental Friendly Anticorrosive And Antifouling Pigment For Epoxy Paint In Tropical Seawater, Malaysia Terengganu, Master’s in Maritime Technology

2014 (Thesis Examiner) – Optimization of Tow Rope Length and Arrangement Design For Towed Ship, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Master’s in Marine Technology

2014 (Thesis Examiner) – Numerical Study on Catamaran Wing in Ground Effect Craft Equipped With Flaps and Vertical Lift Device, Master’s in Marine Technology

2012 (Thesis Examiner) – An Experimental Investigation of a Diesel Engine Gaseous Exhaust Emissions Fueled by Palm Oil Biodiesel (POB) and its Blends, Master’s in Maritime Technology

Journal Paper Reviews

2014 – Perception and Navigation for Autonomous Rotorcraft, International Journal of Robotics & Automation
2015 – Systematic Approach for Role Assignment in Mobile Robots Using Leader Follower Approach: Experimental Observations, International Journal of Robotics & Automation

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