Hello World Windows Virtual Shield lessons learned.

I have been attempting to run Hello World code using my Windows 10 Phone (Lumia 430, price RM 179) since 4 days ago to no avail. After a while, I have managed to run a successful example from this video:

Some of the lessons learned:

Problem: The Windows Virtual Shield app downloaded via Windows Store freeze once the phone and bluetooth connected.
Solution: See link Download Visual Studio 2015, download the source code of Windows Virtual Shield and deploy the codes to the phone via Visual Studio 2015.

Problem: Screen remain blank after device connected within Windows Virtual Shield.
Solution: Use the Arduino code below. I’m suspecting that the function ‘refresh’ will help to re-render the screen hence show the Hello World text on the phone.

Problem: No data received / shown
Solution: Make sure the baud rate matched with the bluetooth specification. I’m using JY-MCU BT_BOARD V1.03. Its baud rate is 9600.

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