Consumerism of Useless Media

Look around you. There are lots of things occupying the advertisement board, on your Facebook newsfeed/timeline, Twitter feed and maniacally pushing notifications on your Whatsapp group chats.

In the world where technology and gadgets moving quickly, majority of us fall into being the victim of consumerism of useless media. The philosophy of consumerism that fuel the development of new incrementally improved gadgets every year took tolls on several aspects of our life; the health of our wallet, simplicity of living, the space to live and our peace of mind.

We have become more and more glued to the screen of our phones and tablets. The consumerism philosophy is not limited only to the buying of new gadgets, it also attacking our capabilities to create quality contents, to think clearly, to act accordingly. People are more interested to spend their time to consume shallow media that give them entertainment while at the same time killing time by not creating anything beneficial.

“Share it, Comment and Like it!”, they say.

The purpose of new technology has shifted from assisting people to create work faster, to making people consuming endlessly and pointlessly. Too many short-form media, context-missing information, misunderstanding and useless fights.

Technology has become cheaper and scalable, but at the same time, it can become the source of cheap drug that destroy our generation if we continuously mis-use them.

For the rest of us, we need to change this. We can improve this condition by creating useful content. Stop sharing shallow media. Keep on creating useful things, own your content and life the life of Creative Life.


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