Happiness is: Looking at life through a beautiful lens filter

2016-01-05 17.30.33
Me & Datoโ€™ Ghazali bin Datoโ€™ Mohd. Yusoff of Nusatek. Photo credit: My wife, 2016

On a nice afternoon at work, I’ve received a phone call from my wife. She and her team (PPSA, UMT) was in a meeting with Dato’ Ghazali (Dato’ Ghaz) of Nusatek Sdn Bhd (Dato’ Ghaz is currently appointed as one of the CEO inย CEO@UMT programme). My wife told me that Dato’ Ghaz was very happy to meet me to discuss about future plans on marine renewable energy in Malaysia. I’ve manage to get some valuable notes from him. I’m quite fortunate because I manage to meet with Dato Ghaz prior to the UNESCO IOC-WESTPAC 11th Advisory Group Meeting 2016 in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, in which I’m preparing some materials for the WG-004 Marine Renewable Energy Theme.

Other than work, in that short meeting I’ve managed to learn something really valuable from Dato’ Ghaz, regarding happy memories. If you read this blog since its inception in March 2011 (wow this blog is 6 years old now! Seriously?), sometimes I write on the theme of happiness, and this post is one of it. This time, the gem is, if you want happy memories, look at the event through a beautiful lens. A photo captured using a camera can have different feel due to lens effect, whether it felt retro, futuristic, refreshing, golden and so on. If you use instagram a lot, you’ll understand this as well.

There can be such thing likeย a sad memories that is beautiful, if you can see the silver lining in the event or if you can put a beautiful lens filter on that memory.

There can also be a happy memory that is ugly, if you focus on the small unfortunate detail, or if you put an ugly lens filter on that memory.

As a 70-year old man, Dato Ghaz always talk aboutย of his beautiful memories. I believe a man of his capacity faced more challenges than me (a 33 year old kid), but yet, he said all of his memories are beautiful.

Therefore, it is up to us to choose the lens filter that we want to use to colour our memories.

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