Zoysia grass seeding progress (month 1-3)

My friend once told me, DIY grass seeding is hard work. But I have no choice since the suppliers in my area didn’t have the stock for carpeted grass. Therefore I have to take this matter with my own hands. I started seeding Zoysia grass on the 2nd May 2014, and the photos below show some progress.

Photo 1: The first month. Watered the grass everyday at 7 am and 6 pm.


Photo 2: The second month. Watering has reduced to once a day, which is only at 7 am. Trimmed the grass using Bosch Easytrim this month.


Photo 3: Luckily we are approaching monsoon season, heavy rain poured everyday for few hours at night. So no watering this month. I plan to water once a week after the rainy season ends. Trimmed the grass using Bosch Easytrim.


I must note that ideally I should not use a trimmer to cut the grass as it will not produce a level-trimmed grass. However taking into account the size of the lawn, I think that I can live with this finishing of the trimmed grass.


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