Zoysia Grass Appear On Day 7

Here in my place, the temperature were constantly hot at about 37-39 Celcius. Following some advices from the forum, I began the seeding process of the Zoysia grass that I obtained from SeedRanch via EBay.

I’ve made sure that the top soil was smooth and level, and evenly spreading the grass seed. Afterwards, I’ve used the back of the rake to softly mixing the seeds and the soil. The seeds were approximately resides at about an inch in the soft top soil.

Next, I’ve used a helicopter sprinkler to evenly water the soil. Since I’m always at work, I spent about 5 minutes watering the soil at 7.30 am, and later another 5 minutes at 5.30 pm.

I was a bit nervous, thinking whether the grass will survive or not. However most of the materials that I’ve read outlined that Zoysia grass is probably one of the type that is very robust and aggressive. The photo below shows the grass development at day-7.


Take note that the grass seeds started to germinate probably in between these 7 days. So no rush, and don’t worry if you’re just started.

Next, I’ll just keep on watering the grass morning and afternoon till the root network is strong then I can water it once a week.

Will post more on the development of the grass. Thanks for reading!

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