Your brain is like a toddler and you need to know how to handle it.

I found a nice write-up that I can quote today [1], read on below:

… read about everybody’s problems and you realize we all have a lot in common. Our brains abhor boredom and are completely addicted to stimuli. I’ve heard it said that dreams are the way our brains get our stimuli fix when we’re asleep. Maybe that’s accurate, maybe not. Either way, your waking brain is a stimuli junkie and acts like an immature toddler.

I see a lot of posts here about people saying, “I can’t stand busy work”, or “I just end up wasting time playing x or browsing y” or “I just like sleeping into noon so much”.

You try to do something productive, and your toddler brain has little patience and 5 minutes into it it screams,”JUST QUICKLY CHECK FACEBOOK, I NEED A FIX” or, “JUST LIKE 15 MORE GAMES OF 2048”. You can’t stand the thought of having to do something challenging and not as easily stimulating. Instead of getting a high from the accomplishment and endorphins from running for an hour, you instead opt for your vice of choice. You give in to your screaming immature toddler brain.

We all have it. We all know what it’s like. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t understand it this feeling. You lack self respect because you are the parent of that toddler and you’ve just given up and give in to all of that toddler’s needs. That toddler screams, “JUST 2 MORE GAMES THEN I’LL STUDY” and you let it win.

Discipline starts by realizing that you have to live with this primitive part of your brain for better or worse. I’m convinced there isn’t a single person out there who’s brain doesn’t demand they indulge in vices. Discipline is all about taming the toddler. Instead of just giving in all the time, you come to a mutual agreement with your primitive brain. “I study for 2 hours FIRST then I play video games. That’s the agreement, you don’t get to call the shots.” These are the kinds of boundaries you need to set up.

Doing this over time, you and that toddler brain of yours come to a mutual understanding. The toddler realizes that you are actually better off if you don’t succumb to every short-term desire and your rational, mature brain realizes that you can enjoy your vices better in moderation and that there’s much greater pleasure to be had from long-term investment. From this understanding is the birth of self-respect. You are now taking control of your life and not allowing this self-serving toddler to run around controlling your life.