Sunday Evening Macro Shot

I don’t know the name of the plant shown in the photo below, but we have a lot of these on our backyard. Is this what they call the Morning Glory?


Bonus story: Dealing with slow contractor.

If you are like me, then you would like to have your contractor to work quickly within their planned schedule. But more than often, the contractor would work with their sweet time and deliver later than promised.

You can do like just what I did. I told them upfront that the pacing is not satisfactory, and I have another contractor who want to deliver faster (yes, I have done some surveys beforehand).

In rebuttal, the contractor quickly come and work quickly to finish their task, knowing that they are easily replaceable.

But please be careful, you must be very subtle. Mind your language to the softest. Arrange words wisely.

It is not necessary to negotiate directly to the boss. Their subordinate will do well to deliver your message.

Do research beforehand. Don’t create stories to manipulate people’s fear. It wont take you far.


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