Strengthening the Prime Time News in Malaysia – Celebrating the News, Our Ideals and Heroes.

Prime time news can be seen as a catalyst to the society. It shapes, transforms and direct the public’s concern toward what matters most at the time the news were covered. Through the use of prime time news, political opinions can be united, more entrepreneurs can be generated and emotions can be triggered. I’m looking at prime time news objectively since it’s merely an effective tool to shape a society.

I don’t have the statistics on how many people who watch prime time news, or the gender, or the age group, but I can assure that my family watch prime time news, which consists of working people, old people, students and housewives. Therefore, I have the reason to care about how such tools are utilized to shape my families and the society’s families from home.

At the time this piece is written, I’m commenting based on the TV1 news and TV3 (Buletin Utama) news. At this moment, these are the key points that mostly covered. Keep in mind that I’m not a professional commenter, but here I shall put in some thoughts on what I can observe in the news nowadays.

Slow down on emphasizing the world news.

  • Sometimes the news coverage was more weighted towards what is happening in the West (read: US). This is contrary to the practise of West’s style of reporting. For example in the prime time news in the US, they would not cover things that happen outside of the US that much (e.g. Kebakaran di Pasar Rantau Panjang, why would they care? Kebakaran di Virginia, US, why would we care?). They will only cover the oversea news if such news has a direct impact towards the US citizens, e.g. US manufacturing companies moving to China, India’s race to the space to beat US’s achievement, vaccinations issues etc.
  • In Malaysia’s broadcasting case, if US’s John Kerry is visiting somewhere to do US government things, why should we care? If John Kerry is visiting Malaysia to discuss something important, then yes, that news would be beneficial to Malaysian citizens.

Political news is OK, but too much.

  • What kind of society that we want to be? Do we want to be a tech savvy society like Japan? If yes, more tech news, innovations done in Malaysia should be covered.
  • Do we want to be a traditional society? Then pops and moms business, agriculture news and the related should be covered more.
  • Or do we want to be a fearful society? Then more gangster and riot news should be covered.
  • Or do we want a healthy society? Then more news should be covered on types of food, public sports event like running, triathlon and so on.
  • The point is if a society wants to be transformed, sometimes ignorance is bliss. We need to be focus. What we are worrying is when the society was not aware of the riots and gangsters, but that is the police’s job.

The local news is great.

  • The local news that covers the hardship of the society is well presented. It triggers emotion, respect and the drive to help each other as the member of the society.
  • Once a week, the prime time news covers the pressing thing that probably not being taken care much by the local authority, for example the slot Aduan Rakyat by TV3. That slot is brilliant. Well, if you have a concern and the local authority would not take care of it, then everybody else must know and take proper actions.
  • When I was a kid, long time ago, sometimes the prime time news covers the artist’s gossips, but now not anymore. As I grow older, the local prime time news gains more respect, because they are focusing on things that matters most. The artists? Let the gossip’s show covers them.

The local news should educate more, not seeking for off-taste comments.

  • The prime time news journalist goes to the university to meet the Professors or Professor Madya’s to seek for comments. This should be practiced more. Include more comments from the engineers, social commenters are more of them. Reduce seeking for comments from the minister. Sometimes I found their comments are quite off to be seen by the society.

Lastly, give the credit where it’s due.

  • The oversea’s news highlight the journalist very well. We should treat the journalist like stars. These reports jump through hoops, endanger their lives and get to the forefront to get the news, why shy to promote them. Don’t just mention their name briefly, show their face and a format should be revised so the news can also highlight the brave reporters with their face and voice. We want to know our heroes! Put more of Saiful Nizam Ismail, Mior Abdul Malek Rayani , Nurulhuda Abd Aziz, Kamaruddin Mape and the likes in the end of the short report. Those are our heroes! Well, a new format should be revised I think, but yeah, celebrate them more than the artists.

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