When will you get old, and why you should have more kids.

One day, my wife asked me, “why do people have lots of kids?”.

We have a son, at the time this piece is written, he’s 11 months old. And my wife and I are contemplating with the idea on getting another child.

An then, the quote below pops in my browser. It really resonates with me, and I think I found the answer for my wife’s question, especially when I close to retire in the future, could my son handle that situation alone?

Could it be easier for him if he has more siblings?

It seems to be having more siblings (maybe one or two) will help him a lot, so that it will be easier to take turns looking for us when my wife and I got old.

See the quote below, written by a husband/only son/teacher.

At some point you get old, and what makes you old will be unique to you. You don’t know when it’s going to happen or what you’ll look like when it does finally happen, but it will happen. I’m 27 and [redacted], I am old. I have a full time job, a wife, a kid, a car payment, etc.

But that doesn’t make me old.

What makes me old is the understanding that my family relies on me for just about everything. My wife would never admit it, but my mood alters hers a lot. I can tell that when I moan and groan for a few minutes about work, it kills her – she doesn’t like it if I had a rough day. She’s a reasonable person and wants my day to go well! So, I suck it up and tell her the truth; either that my day was great, or that it had a few rough patches but I got through it and will be better for having had the experience.

My father is getting old and will, sometime in the next 5 years, be retired. I know that if something goes wrong, I will be financially responsible for him.

I have no siblings.

My daughter relies on me for love, compassion, knowledge, and understanding. She relies on me as a father figure, or just someone to have a tea party with. She’ll need me as a stable figure in her life in order for her to be a success over the long haul.

My students rely on my every day to be a facilitator of science education in the classroom. For many, I am the only person they can count on to show up every day and I’m the only adult in their lives they can talk to without getting shouted at.
I love every second of it all.

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