Design and 3D Print of Eppendorf Test Tube Rack

Last 2 weeks ago I manage to spend some time designing an Eppendorf test tube rack. This particular rack are common in medical sciences lab, in which my wife is working in. Well, I personally never seen the rack, but my engineering sense told me just take the test tube work my way up, this is called bottom up approach in design.


In her lab, the test tube rack is somewhat an asset, therefore everybody needs to sign in and wait for turns to use it. I recognize this as a problem, therefore I took an initiative to design and manufacture a tube test rack for her. I began with measuring the test tube using micrometer as shown below.


My wife requested that the test tube rack should be able to store 4 x 5 test tube. So using the measured value, I pop my favourite CAD software (ProE) and began designing the rack. I took Mac Mini design as an inspiration. See figure below.


Next, the model were saved as .stl and sent to MakerWare as shown below. The .stl file were later processed as g-code and saved in an SD card.


Quick! Head to the bat-3D printer, Robin!

The final form is shown below, victory!



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