Dua budak gemuk sedang order makanan di Old Town


Adib is now 3 months and 1 week old. At this age, he tends to pick up things and put it in his mouth. If nothing is available to be picked, he’ll just put his hands to his mouth. I bet he thinks that those are delicious. I’m not sure whether he was mistaken the term ‘finger food’ with his fingers.

The desire to communicate is very high. Though lacking proper vocabulary at the moment, he likes to ‘talk’ with his toys. Most of the time, admiring himself in front of the mirror while expressing his opinion using his baby language. At most, he likes to talk to us. We are currently trying to make him say the word ‘Abah’ and ‘Ibu’.

Sleep timing is still manageable. While some babies are having trouble with adjusting with consistent sleeping time, Adib still sleeps at 7~8 pm and wakes up fresh at 6.30~7 am. I hope he’ll always be happy and cool as always.