On some awesome stuffs over the last weekends.

1. Eid Open House

Thanks to my friends who host several open houses throughout the weekends. These include Abg Madzli Harun, Kak Yati and Amir for awesome food and hospitality.

2. A quote to ponder

In life, there won’t be any shortage of problems. Even if you die, there still be problems. Therefore, do your things, relax and enjoy whatever life shall give you.

~Prof. Dato Saharuddin B. Dato Abdul Hamid

3. Don’t forget some simple things that may give you happiness

  1. Wake up early and take a walk on the beach.
  2. Just sit down and relax with a hot shower.
  3. Listening to good music in the car.
  4. Rubbing your foot on bed.
  5. Nice hot tea.
  6. Enjoy nice multiplayer game in PS3 without intention to win.

4. Don’t get motivated, get disciplined

I used to be a motivational freak. But at times, my wife reminded me that my strength is not motivation, but the will to do things religiously. Find a potential skill that is probably opens up new opportunity in life (e.g. writing, public speaking, guitar, programming, negotiation skill, shooting) and deliberately practice them until you achieve greatness.

No, you don’t need motivation. You’ll only need discipline.


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