At the end of the day, a cheesy salesman/insurance company just wants to get your money.

Recently my wife was offered an insurance policy. Since the offering was quite lucrative, we manage to sit down with the insurance salesman (a.k.a insurance advisor) on getting some good deal for my wife. Plus, we agreed to pay a good money per month for the policy.

The insurance salesman submitted our application, only to come back saying that our deal was rejected, due to some policy/company rules. Instead, the insurance company suggested that we take another package, which is quite inferior compared with the one we curated earlier.

In rebuttal, I told the insurance company that we are rejecting their offer.

The salesman came back to convince us that we can’t sustain the initial offering due to my wife’s health history, though we mentioned the condition earlier (and he was quite keen that those were minor). Then the salesman went on praising how powerful their underwriter on deciding which package a customer eligible and not.

He went on and on with the stories regarding medical underwriters, in which it can be hypothesized that a potential customer shall be annoyed.

I told the salesman,

Mind you, some of the underwriters are not that keen to be underwriters. Some of them were our known friends, just trying to make sure the end meets. They are not powerful, they are just doing their job. Their salary is not that large as yours. No need to bad-mouth and shift the burden to them if you can’t keep your promise.

We rejected the revised offer, because I don’t trust these guys. But finally I found other advisor/insurance company that convinced me that their ethics are good and trustable.

Moral of the story is, as a customer, you have the power to say no. At the end of the day, a cheesy salesman/insurance company just want to get your money.


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