Arduino and Flash Interface

There are 4 main components needed to getting an Arduino to communicate with Flash:

  1. Code to run on the Arduino: This sends data over the USB virtual serial port.
  2. A Serial to Socket Server: This takes data from the serial port and sends it over a network socket. Designed to be used with any client software (Flash etc) and any microcontroller.
  3. A Flash Socket Library: Actionscript code in flash that accepts and interprets the data coming in from the network socket. You can do this yourself, but why? – most people use an existing codebase.
  4. Your Flash Code (and Sample code): You custom actionscript code that does something interesting with the data. Some resources have sample actionscript code so you can learn by example.


NOTE: All of this can also work in reverse – Flash can send data to Arduino.


Additional Resources:

  • Adobe Tutorials For Connecting Flash and Arduino : Adobe Software Evangelist Kevin Hoyt explains in a series of video tutorials the hardware and software stacks needed to connect Arduino with Adobe Flash usingSerProxy. His approach takes advantage of the powerful sockets features of Flash and a Serial-To-Sockets Module called SerProxy.
  • Interfacing Flash and Arduino, from scratch : A complete tutorial from Jean-Philippe Côté on how to setup a working Flash/Arduino environment using the Arduino IDE, the FTDI driver, the Firmata sketch, as3glue and SerialProxy/TinkerProxy 2.
  • Getting Started with Flash and Arduino : An introductory tutorial written by Mike Chambers that shows how to set up Arduino,TinkerProxy and Flash to communicate with each other. The example code shows how to send and receive information between Flash and Arduino.
  • Getting started with the NETLab Toolkit A video and text that introduces using the NETLab Toolkit to connect Flash to Arduino – no code required.

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