The Lady Cleaner and Artificial Intelligence

One morning, I sat in my office discussing about the multi-agent system to solve large-scale optimization problems with another PhD student. We tried to break down the problems and start sketching few diagrams on a paper. Suddenly the Lady Cleaner stepped in to my office.

Now, the Lady Cleaner has a simple routine. Usually she will come, say hello and collect all the thrash (mostly papers) from our office. But that day, the routine seems different.

While we were discussing our multi-agent problem, she leaned to our table, interested. “Eh, she never did this before”, I silently think, and  stopped talking and smile to acknowledge her. She said, “Eh, carry on?”, and smile.

I continued the discussion and she went to do her routine tasks. I later found out that the label of her lunch bag had a print of something like “AI Conference 2008”.



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