Free PeoplePods Theme – BluePill

Hi! Following the release of XOXCO‘s PeoplePods 0.9, I’m happy to give you a free theme named BluePill! The theme is built using the latest PeoplePods version (0.9).

What is PeoplePods, you asked? PeoplePods is an open source SDK (programmed using php and mysql) that can be used to build and power your next community or social network. It allows you to deploy a minimum viable product (MVP) rapidly and easily.

The description and the related screenshots of the theme are included below.

Download Now:

PeoplePods 0.9 Theme - BluePill
PeoplePods 0.9 Theme - BluePill

As you can see, the theme is catered towards web 2.0’s heavily-laden text-shadow fan.

BluePill Theme Home
BluePill Theme Home

At the moment, the theme has been tested using both Firefox and Chrome (modern browser only). A little bit discrepancy might be observed if you are using Explorer (7 and above).

BluePill Theme Profile Page
BluePill Theme Profile Page

Some additional touch are curated on the profile page, where the menus are located beside the profile photo.

BluePill Theme Public Timeline Page
BluePill Theme Public Timeline Page

Awesome Public Timeline, isn’t it?

BluePill Theme Single Content Page
BluePill Theme Single Content Page

An improved arrangement of the Single Content view.

The installation instructions are quite straight-forward. Following the theming structure of PeoplePods, unzip the folder “BluePill” to the folder “/peoplepods/themes/”. Finally, activate them in the Command Center. And, you are done! (In several occasions, note that you might need to clear the cache, and refresh your browser hence properly activate the theme)

Download Here:

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