Enter the Malaysian Workforce, the Undergraduate Way

I miss the excitement of being an overly-confident undergraduate student. Optimism is in the air, being such student came the feeling of superiority over personal capabilities and time-bending control. Every semester all students are given a new subject guidebook where they are free to register subjects with respect to other responsibilities (e.g. clubs and associations, and residential colleges). Such associations bring good names, reputations and respect among peers. However not all are gold, it came with stress and some of the students could not finish on-time within their intended study plan.

These popular star gain fame and friends. They work their way to the top of the student associations while at the same time skipping classes, missed tutorial sessions and sometimes forgot to register subjects. Curiously, they seem to know how the system works hence continuously exist in the university system. Normally twice the time taken by an average student to finish the whole degree.

Sometimes, those popular star are popular only in the world that they create e.g. clubs, social medias of blogs, social networks etc.. However, did they excel in the real life? Spending 8 years to obtain undergrad degree with lower-than-mediocre results?

Yes, I don’t want to elaborate more on the students’ achievements. Whether they obtain good results or not, I am in no position to judge them. To end this note, I would trigger a question. “Once graduated, how do you enter the workforce?”, Well I can outline few strategies:

  • Being academically super-achiever (CGPA-3.7) with -okay- communication skill.
  • Being a satisfactory student (CGPA-3.2), with credentials of handling amazing final year research project
  • Being a kind-of-okay result (CGPA 2.7), with amazing final year research project and additional skills (programming, selling, manufacturing)

In the perspective/framework of current society, in the entry level if you want to enter the workforce by having a bachelor degree, your salary is at the range of RM 1800~2300. Now bear with me, in the entry level (age: 22, no working experience) there will be no distant difference whether you are aiming to work in private nor government sector. However, things change when you obtain years of experience. Whether you’ve gain specialization, additional professional certificates or expanded network of people, then your salary evaluation shall change non-linearly.

Do you have other recommendation on how to enter the workforce for undergraduate degree holder? Feel free to share your opinion.


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