To be successful, one must be boring

To be successful, one must be boring. One must bear with the repetitive tasks, again and again, again and again.
There are two examples that I can think of:

  • Saving money: Whoa, sure as boring as hell. Last month, this month, next month…When can I use those money? Bear with it and you’ll be a rich man in the distant future.
  • Writing a book: Definitely and seriously a tedious job. Trying to isolate yourself, making drafts of corrections, looking at the same text over and over again. The result? The more boring you are, the more legendary your writing it will be.

I hate to break the news, if you are still enjoying the process (well good for you), then there are two possibilities:

  • You still haven’t seen the end of it
  • You manage to make your brain fresh to handle those tasks

Anyway, if somebody come and ask, “aren’t you bored with the same thing?”, then you are a success, my good man.


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