Do you think that you are smart, my friend?

I found this piece of advice from here. Mind you that I’m not a big fan of swearing and foul language, but they were there hence I retain the originality in the block quote below:

I am “smart” but I worked hard as fuck.

Took the SAT at age 11, scored an 1190. Went to JHU Center for Talented Youth summer camp. 4.4 GPA and Salutatorian in high school. 1540 SAT (old style). 5 on 7 AP tests. Perfect 800 on all 3 SAT IIs. Full ride to top 20 University (top 5 public schools). 3.6, honors college, deans list, etc. 99th percentile on MCATs, 95 percentile on GRE. Posters and abstracts. Research. Overseas study. Volunteering.

And you know what I do now? I sit in a room and program, just like probably every single one of you lucky enough to have a full-time job. I’m just like any other joe off the street. I’ll never have a porsche or a mansion, even though I was given the gifts necessary to become a success. Why? Because I slipped. When I graduated, I took some community college classes and stopped going and failed. I didn’t take med school applications seriously, because I thought that they would see that I was “smart.” Guess what, they didn’t.

Yeah its depressing and shitty to fail, but you’ve got to get used to it my friend. Being a procrastinator because you’re afraid to fail is as retarded as being afraid of the dark. Most of life is a colossal waste of time, true. You’ll never ever ever use anything you ever learn in school after the final. But you’ll never get back any second, so treat your moments like they’re gold. Whatever you’re doing, focus, and give your best, because to “give anything less is to sacrifice the gift.” Steve Prefontaine said that. Its important because once you lose that motivation, you’ve got to work like the dickens to get it back, or else you start getting into this self-loathing cycle that ends in depression and suicidal thoughts through a haze of bong smoke and Counterstrike. Trust me I’ve been there, and its even worse when you’re out in the real world without the safety nets that society provides you when you’re young (parents, school, sports, clubs). Lazy at home? You’re grounded. When you’re lazy at work, you end up homeless. Because you don’t get second chances, kids. Make every shot you have count.

You think that you’re “smart?” You’re a fucking idiot, my friend. You have to prove otherwise to the entire world, either by doing all that crappy shit that nobody wants to do like volunteer or play an instrument or do the most boring research. Because guess what kids, its not the smart ones that succeed or even get the shittiest jobs. Its the people who are willing to work harder at the shittiest jobs for the lowest pay. Thats the real world, kiddies. you think that you’re cool because you can muster up enough brain cells to BS your way through a multiple choice test? Thats hipster talk you lazy worthless shit. You make me sick.

You think that when you die, you’ll look back on your life and be like, hey, I’m so glad that I was lazy because i could pass tests without having to read? Not likely. you’re going to be looking back on your life and wondering where all the time went.

You want to slack off in school? Honestly, thats fine, school really doesn’t matter in the long run, but find something you’re passionate about and work harder than anyone else at it. I mean work your ass off. Programming, sports, anything, because now is your time to experiment. Every waking second should be about this one thing, to the point where you’re dreaming about it. Work ethic is everything, so learn what its like to give our all to just one thing. And become somebody who is awesome to be around. be funny and considerate. Because at the end of the day, its not the smartest person who’s going to keep their job, but the person who gets along best with everybody, even if you’re not the best at the job.

tldr: Smart? No, you’re stupid and lazy, get a job or better, start a fucking business. Be a charmer. School is a joke and doesn’t prepare you for real life, so don’t go around thinking that your “no work” 3.6 GPA will get you anywhere except the unemployment office. Fucking work harder and stop being lazy, you asshole. You’re fucking up. Find passion somewhere and find your drive. Whatever it is. Before its too late.



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