One creepy story to talk about in the dark

I got this creepy story from here:

One day, an elderly woman enters a funeral home, accompanied by several hospital staff bearing her late husband, who has recently passed away. The funeral director immediately comes to the woman and offers his condolences.

“Ma’am, I’m so very sorry for your loss. Each person grieves in their own way. Please let me know what humble services I can offer.”

“Thank you, sir. My husband was quite dear to me, and his passing is very sad.

“There is one request I will make from you,” she continues, “One of my husband’s final wishes was to be buried in a black suit. As you can see, he has passed wearing a blue suit. Please, money is no objection – I want my husband to be buried in the most exquisite black suit.”

“Certainly, ma’am,” the funeral director replies, “Please come back tomorrow and I will have your husband dressed perfectly. It would be my honor.”

“Thank you so much. It means the world to me.”

The widow returned the following day to see her husband presented in a gorgeous black suit.

“Oh! This is perfect! Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much.” The woman pulls out her check book. “How much do I owe you?”

“Ma’am, you don’t owe me a thing, as it turns out. Shortly after you left, another woman came in for a burial service, mourning the passing of her late husband. I noticed the man was wearing an excellent black suit, and after judging the size and build of him, thought he was precisely the same stature as your late husband. I asked the woman if she wouldn’t mind too terribly if her husband was buried in a blue suit. Graciously, she accepted.

“So… I switched the heads.”