Heartbreaking Japan

Heartbreaking Scene of Japan Earthquake/Tsunami

I found this heartbreaking picture of earthquake/tsunami of Japan  from here, and I quote two comments:

This made me realize how grand my life is, perspective is everything.

Also very very heartbreaking.

by LoFih

The Japanese have had one of the highest standards of living for a long time. This has made me realize how fragile life is.

Last week, she could’ve been waiting on the new iPad, or pissed why YouTube was showing 30 second ads, or why her little sister kept pestering her when she’s listening to music. That little sister could very well be buried in there somewhere. Cherish what you’ve got, the time, the people. We are all sitting comfortably quite assured that everything will be fine when we wake up tomorrow.

Guess what, so was she.

by dont_exists