If I haven’t succeeded in my mid 20s, could I be successful in the rest of my life?

This is one of the interesting question posted on Quora. A very self-explanatory question, that you can easily relate to yourself in the age of quick-internet success stories. I picked the best answer for this one, to reflect, ponder and act upon it, given by Ian Peters-Campbell who is an engineer at Loopt and Carnegie Mellon student.

I remember that feeling 🙂

It takes a special kind of arrogance that comes with being in your 20s to think that it’s too late. The fun part of life is really just beginning at 25. If there’s something you’re interested in doing you have all the time in the world to get good at it and succeed. At 25 you could decide to go be a great guitar player, or an engineer, or a UFC fighter or a race car driver or a politician (please don’t become a politician) and you have plenty of time to become great and have a career.

All it takes is deciding what you want to do and then having the discipline to go and do it. Follow that thread for long enough and success (or happiness, or both) will come.


sidenote: Bonus in this post! Benjamin Franklin’s daily schedule below!

Benjamin Franklin's Schedule

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