What is ‘debate’?

Now, you’ve seen them on tv, at schools and possibly in court room. However, do you quite grab ‘what is debate?’. I picked the text below from here and now I understand what I’m doing for years since I know how to speak.

Debate is a worthwhile pursuit, and classes and clubs that offer it, whether in high school, at college, or on Intelligence Squared, provide value to society. Rather than a discipline, debate can be thought of as an art form. The goal is not to be correct, but to be persuasive. The fact that any argument is allowed, as long as it can be made to sound reasonable, places the emphasis on confidence, and oratory and leadership skills. It’s no wonder so many of our most respected politicians hail from this fine tradition! To win an argument one is not actually intellectually committed to by reframing the opponent’s stance, then attacking that strawman with specious arguments, eloquently phrased, is, and ought always be, the highest aspiration of those who would seek to carry this nation forward. While dialectic, or requirements of logic, accuracy combined with impartial fact checking may seem like superior paths to the uninitiated, a moment’s thought proves them to be impossible to implement. I firmly believe that the institution of formal debate, particularly as practiced in private schools attended by the upper class, bears a large responsibility for the incredible state of our current government.


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