Asians in the Library UCLA (Alexandra Wallace) | Racist rant


I study in Australia. Last week in Prime Channel, it was said that Canberra is the most un-racist place in Australia. That is true. I live there for almost three years and the racial slur never happen to me.

It thought that is for long.

Being Asian, I thought that I’m not that sensitive to racial slur. But one fine nice day in Sydney, I was taking some pictures of Paramatta River, and suddenly a white Aussie guy holding Homebrand bread came to me and yell, “Put that camera up your ass, and go back to where you came from! This is Australia”. I’m confused. He came closer and yelled again, “I said put that camera up your ass!! This is Australia!”.

I stood there looking at that guy, wondering if I should be sad or mad. While other Aussies just sat there making square faces like nothing has happened (albeit he yelled quite loud), I came to convince myself that this person is just one of the product of ‘Australian Immigration Stories That Kept Secret/The White Nation‘, a lengthy documentary (three episodes, mind you) presented by SBS Australia few weeks back. Or may be, he’s just sick.

Taking the non-responsive crowd into consideration, may be, it’s just normal, what a shame.

Today, I’m convinced that there are few ‘white people’ who hate Asians. Such as portrayed by Alexandra Wallace, a UCLA student (see video). Such perfect, intelligent person, could be a huge asset for a nation, is wasted with such idiocy. Although most people would wish this person would be thrown in a cave full of hungry bears and venomous spiders, I wish good luck for this person’s future.

And this is the response from one of the Asians. Finally, have a great day guys.



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