Try break some rules, today.

There was a baby elephant. She was chained by a farmer. The farmer hopes that someday the baby elephant that he found can be of benefit to him in the future. The baby elephant tries to released itself by pulling the chain, but no avail.

The farmer feed her every day, with care. During the first few weeks, the baby elephant tries to break free, but failed. Realizing that the farmer took care of her, the baby elephant grew comfort and consequently stops trying to run away.

Years went by, the elephant grew big. She is strong, her voice is loud. However, she never attempted to run away. Seems like the comfort zone offered by the farmer prevented her to go free. The chain is still there, rusty. A single snatch will break it fully.

Imagine if you are the elephant, would you break the chain? Would you try to break some rules, today?


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